Landscape photography

do be determined

During this 1-2-1 workshop you get personalized instructions tailored to your interests and knowledge and is the ideal way to improve your skills.

19 April 2014

During this workshop we introduce you to the world of war photography and black and white image editing.

25 April 2014

In this beautiful forest we learn how to create composition in a rather chaotic landscape and witch to macro photography in the afternoon.

17 May 2014

Discover the Flemish Ardennes during this landscape photography workshop and learn to work with lines, long shutter speeds and how to create panoramic shots.

10 September 2014

On this photo trip to the Lofoten islands we will photograph impressive mountain peaks, tundra landscapes, picturesque harbors and fishing villages.

22 September 2014

During this workshop at the French coast we learn to work with filters, including the 'Bigstopper', and experiment with long exposures.

05 October 2014

Aimed at beginning nature photographers this workshop offers instructions on aperture and shutter speed, exposure and composition.

06 March 2015

During this photo trip we will combine the volcanic landscapes of the south of Iceland with the icy images of the Vatnajokull National Park.

04 July 2015

This photo trip takes us to the Vaucluse in the Provence, where will visit picturesque villages and photograph the lavender and sunflower fields.

01 November 2014

For this workshop we are visiting the High Fens and learn to use foreground elements, experiment with long shutter and polarization filters.

do be determined

On this landscape photography workshop in the High Fens you will learn to capture the wintry atmosphere in one of Belgium’s most beautiful places.

13 October 2014

During this photo trip on the Isle of Skye in Scotland we will photograph evocative locations like Elgol, The Old Man of Storr and the Quiraing.

07 November 2014

During this workshop we will focus on a cultural landscape and learn to work with light, composition, symmetry and repetition.